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U.S. $1 United States Note- Series of 1917 (Large Size) - Click to enlarge
U.S. $1 United States Note- Series of 1917 (Large Size) - Click to enlarge

U.S. $1 United States Note- Series of 1917 (Large Size)

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This large size $1 United States note is from the series of 1917. This same design was made starting in 1874, with a few minor changes for each new issue, concluding with this final design from the 1917 series.

This bill looks far different than the paper money we use today, and is an excellent choice to add to a collection of paper money at a reasonable price.

These bills are in nice circulated condition, they have a few creases in them, it is very hard to find bills such as this without them, as they usually had to be folded up to be put in a wallet or purse, due to their large size.

It is interesting to note the distinction between Federal Reserve Notes, which are the bills circulating today and United States Notes. Federal Reserve Notes are issued by the Federal Reserve Bank, which contrary to popular belief is not owned by the government, but by the banks in each area it serves. United States Notes, on the other hand, are issued directly by the U.S. Treasury, and in the old days were backed by reserves of gold and silver held by the Treasury. No United States Notes have been issued since 1963, and it is unlikely that any will ever be issued again.

We currently have more than 1 of these in stock, so the bill you receive may vary slightly from the photo but will be in similar condition.

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