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Cold Steel Fixed Blade Knives

Cold Steel manufactures a wide selection of fixed blades to meet the needs of many categories of knife users. Check out the inventory of Cold Steel fixed-blade knives at Wild Bill Wholesale. Tactical users will find particular appeal in the Cold Steel OSS, the Recon Scout or the Counter Tac. Hunters in the market for a fixed-blade knife will gravitate toward the Cold Steel Master Hunter and Master Hunter Plus, both of which feature a VG-1 San Mai III blade. Pen knives, bowie knives, an assortment of daggers, tanto-style blades, serrated blades, Karambit-style knives, survival rescue knives and many, many more all fall under the banner of fixed-blade implements. And you can save up to 40 percent or 50 percent off suggested retail value when you order Cold Steel fixed-blade knives from Wild Bill Wholesale.