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Unique Nostalgic Vintage Metal Signs
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Nostalgic Tin SignsThe tradition of metal and tin signs dates back to the mid-1800s and continues through the late 1940s. Most of the signs were painted with enamel and coated with porcelain to make them even more durable. In fact, these signs were so sturdy that many outlived the products and companies they were advertising. The signs were vibrant and colorful, full of imagination and artistry. Brands like Coca-Cola and Budweiser became instantly recognizable in our culture partly due to the popularity of these metal signs. During World War II, metal sign production was banned, as the material had to be saved for war purposes. After that, plastics took over and replaced the tin signs, but the intrigue remained. These days, quality replicas of these original signs are more popular than ever. Our metal signs are reproductions of authentic vintage advertising. We also stock humorous signs and celebrity portraits, all available at our low wholesale prices.

As advertising goes, there is hardly a product that did not find its way onto a uniquely designed metal sign. We have vintage signs for automobiles like the Chevy Bel Aire and the Corvette Stingray and beer makers like Miller High Life and Budweiser. There are several different styles of signs for the legendary Coca-Cola brand, and the classic Jack Daniels label. There's the tin sign promoting a favorite American food pairing, Hot Dog and Coke, and the well-known round Texaco sign. Gun manufacturers like Remington and Smith & Wesson frequently advertised with metal signs, as did companies with legendary motorcycles, like the 1934 Indian.

There are nostalgic signs depicting wildlife and homestead scenes from Ducks Unlimited, and iconic celebrity portraits such as Vince Lombardi, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. There were also celebrity endorsements such as Babe Ruth promoting Red Rock Cola.

We have many lighthearted, humorous signs such as No Working During Drinking Hours and classic lines from The Three Stooges. You can bring smiles and warm nostalgia to your customers and make a good profit at the same time with our low discount prices on these American classics.

Looking for a sign of the times? If it's signs from times past that interest you, check out the selection of unique Nostalgic Collectible Metal Retro Signs available at Wild Bill Wholesale for discount prices. These vintage retro signs encompass past pop culture icons from movies, TV and music as well as brand names, beverages, gas stations, music, comic book superheroes and more. These old metal signs pained in bright enamel bring back the color and memories of a golden era.