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Combat & Fighting Knives

Find a large variety of fighting knives and combat knives for sale at Wild Bill Wholesale. Such reputable fighting knife brands as Master USA, MTech, Survivor, Rite Edge, Red Deer, Elite Tactical and more are in stock at low discount prices in various sizes. Whether your customers are seeking a 14-inch survival knife, a 15-inch Eagle Hunter knife, 19-inch bowie knives or another type of fixed-blade combat knife, they're available in a large range of sizes at big savings that you can pass on to your customers.

Wild Bill Wholesale sells a wide selection of dozens of fixed blade combat and fighting knives. In addition to the selection shown on this page, click the "Knives by Brand" tab in the menu at left to look for specific brands of knives.

Wild Bill Wholesale's selection includes daggers, such as the 11-inch all-black Commando Dagger styled after a World War II design, to Bowie knives and even bayonets for AR-15s and M-16s. Also shown here are a few examples of our survival knives, such as the 14-inch Survival Knife with a survival kit and compass stored in the handle, or the Military Style Green Beret Survival Knife with the handle wrapped in heavy green cord.

Among the more unique designs offered by Wild Bill Wholesale is the 12.5-inch Cobra Commando Spear, with a 7-inch black stainless steel double-edge blade, a leather-wrapped handle with a knuckle guard with five spikes, and a metal glass breaker on the end of the pommel. The 15-inch Eagle Hunter Knife is 14.75 inches in overall length and has a unique cast metal eagle handle with finger hold grips. The Rite Edge Split Blade Dagger has a 4.75-inch stainless steel blade with a deep split in the middle, giving it a look like no other, and comes with a hard, rubberized non-slip handle and a ballistic nylon belt sheath. The Survivor CQB (for Close Quarters Battle) Fighting Knife has a 5-inch urban camouflage finish on its stainless steel blade, a black aluminum handle with non-slip inserts and a four-finger knuckle grip, and comes with a nylon shoulder harness sheath.

From the 19-inch Jungle Master Hybrid Bowie Knife and Machete with its D-ring hand guard to the Mini Combat Knives that are just 7 inches in length overall, including their rubberized grips, these fixed blade combat and fighting knives come in a range of sizes.