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Civil War & Rebel Collectibles

IMPORTANT NOTICE:Due to the recent controversy over the confederate flag, many retailers have discontinued selling products that display this symbol. We sell these items in the context of being historical collectibles, which many people collect without attaching any political significance to them. Some people find this symbol to be offensive, and other people consider it a part of their heritage. We take no stand or express no opinion on the meaning of this symbol, and as stated above we sell these items only as a part of history, the same as we sell items from the Revolutionary War period or the Old West. In our opinion, in the spirit of freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, anyone should have the right to purchase a legal product, therefore we will continue to sell these items as long as we are able to obtain them.

Citizens of the South should know that one place where the Confederate flag and its rich history are not under siege is at Wild Bill Wholesale. Come and check out the wide and varied inventory of Civil War and Rebel Collectibles sold at Wild Bill Wholesale, which sells discounted items as historical collectibles. For many, the appeal of these items is historic, rather than partisan or political. And, the appeal of this Confederate merchandise is hardly confined to Dixie. Plenty of folks in other parts of this great land love sporting these symbols, which Wild Bill Wholesale as a meaningful part of many people's heritage.

The Rebel flag is depicted on everything from shorts, bumper stickers, license plates and full grain leather belts to caps, decals, clothing patches and T-shirts. Wild Bill Wholesale even sells analog Confederate Flag watched for both men and women with a leather wrist strap and an attractive gift box. Americans from all regions, not just the South, can make their own personal statement with other collectible and functional items like belt buckles, key chains, coolers, mugs, bowie knives, lanterns, bugles and even a Civil War Replica Cannon that is artfully and meticulously detailed and a statue of General Robert E. Lee made of highly detailed cold cast polyresin with antiqued bronze finish and an inscription on the base that reads "General Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) Commanding General of CSA Army." Remarkably, this list just begins to scratch at the surface at what is available for Southern citizens passionate about their region's history and heritage.

Wild Bill Wholesale understands that political correctness will never completely undermine regional pride, and that the Confederate flag will always have a place in the South's rich and complex history. Check out all the Civil War collectibles. All items are deeply discounted. Call 888-922-5233 for details.