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Carson Optical

One of the premier manufacturer of magnifiers in the United States and one of the leading suppliers of binoculars, Carson Optical's line of vision products is available at Wild Bill Wholesale at low prices that have to be seen to be believed. Carson Optical has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, initially as a manufacturer of binoculars before the company branched out to offer magnifiers, microscopes and more.

Carson's selection of binoculars and monoculars includes full size, zoom and compact binoculars, the 3D Series, which features precisely placed thumb grooves, texturing and all-over lightweight body ergonomics that are ideal for long hunts or bird-watching expeditions, and the VP Series, an ideal choice for hunting, birding, hiking or fishing. Monoculars from Carson have a portable and a rugged but easy-to-carry design well suited for hiking or many other outdoor activities.

As Carson spread its wings and expanded its product line beyond the basics, some of its more intriguing innovations included the Fish'n Grip 4-in-1 fishing tool with built-in serrated V "sure-grip" tweezers, precision fishing line clippers and handy hook-eye cleaner; the X-Scope, a compact and lightweight multi-tool with a 30x power microscope, 8x power telescope, 9x power fold-out magnifier, LED flashlight, signal whistle, directional compass and digital clock; the Carson Optical Aura Plus 2x Digital Night Vision Monocular/Camcorder that can be used in either ambient light or total darkness; and a variety of other useful and highly innovative vision products perfect for hunters, campers and outdoor lovers.

See the full line of Carson Optical products at Wild Bill Wholesale. Call 888-922-5233.