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Buck Spring Assisted Opening Knives

If you're looking for a Buck spring-assisted knife, you're in the perfect place. Wild Bill Wholesale has a collection of these remarkable knives that showcases their high quality, superior performance and sleek, modern style. The Buck assisted opening knives you'll find in our catalog have all been handpicked by our in-house knife experts, and we're sure you'll find something you love.

Whether you want a Buck Rush in blue, a pink Buck Impulse or a QuickFire in black or blue, Wild Bill Wholesale can help. We also carry Buck Paradigm Avid and Paradigm Pro knives, as well as the Alpha Dorado with a stunning rosewood handle. When we're looking for knives to add to our inventory, we ask ourselves two questions. First, we want to know how well the knife is made; if it's sturdy, reliable and strong, it passes muster. Second, we ask if we can get it at a price that makes it a really great deal for you, our customer. (Some of us ask a third question, and that's whether our spouses will put us on the couch for buying yet another knife… but that's another story.)