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Brous Blades

Wild Bill Wholesale's inventory of knives by brand includes Brous Blades, made by a company that spends extra money to procure the best materials, equipment and supplies available to manufacture fine fixed-blade knives without taking any shortcuts. All Limited Custom Knives by Brous Blades are personally handmade by Jason Brous using high-grade and exotic steels. Brous Blades combine an artistic approach with quality craftsmanship. Some of the innovative Brous Blades knives available at Wild Bill Wholesale include the Threat, the Triple Threat, the Coroner and the Zombie Coroner, which has a 6.5-inch D2 tool steel sawback blade with a lime green finish and red speckles which look curiously like blood. Every Brous Blade product is sold for at least 40 percent less by Wild Bill Wholesale than its retail value.