Buck Knives

Buck Knives have been made in the USA since 1963. The iconic Buck 110 folding hunter is one of the most famous knives in the history of American cutlery production.  Buck's factory is located in Post Falls, Idaho.

All Buck Knives with USA on the tang stamp are produced in the USA.  We would be hard pressed to name another knife brand that produces fine quality American knives at such reasonable prices.

Buck Knives also produces a few lower priced knives overseas.  These can be readily discerned because the stampings on the blade will read simply "Buck" and will not have the USA stamping. Although not USA made, these knives are produced to Buck's rigorous standards and come with Buck's famous Forever Warranty, the same as the USA made knives.

BEWARE- When ordering Buck Knives online, purchase only from an authorized dealer or directly from Buck. There are many counterfeit Buck Knives for sale online, particularly on marketplace sites (Amazon, Ebay etc)..  As Buck does not permit authorized dealers to sell Buck products on these sites, any Buck Knives purchased on marketplace websites could be counterfeit or at best grey market, not obtained by the seller through authorized channels. Authorized Buck Knives dealers sell online only on their own websites, and not third party marketplace sites.

Wildbillwholesale.com is proud to be an authorized Buck dealer. Any Buck Knives purchased from us come to us straight from Buck's factory with no middlemen, and have a full factory warranty.

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