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Boot Knives, Neck Knives & Push Daggers

Fixed-blade knife collectors, as well as owners of businesses that carry knives in their inventory, should check out the low discount prices for boot knives, neck knives and push daggers available at Wild Bill Wholesale. Fixed-blade boot knives by MTech, Master and other brands are made to be carried in the user's shoe, neck knives are carried with a cord with a sheath suspended from the neck, and push daggers are short-bladed tools that have a T-shaped handle that can be grasped with one hand with the blade protruding from the fist. Because of this, such knives are prized for their self-defense potential and ease-of-access. In tight situations, they have been known to save lives.

NOTE: We have many other boot and neck knives, which can be found in their respective brand name sections. For a look at our complete selection, search for "boot knife" or "neck knife" in the search bar.

These fixed-blade knives feature a number of colorful handles and come in an assortment of sizes. Wild Bill Wholesale sells fixed-blade boot knives, neck knives and push daggers for virtually half the price that they sell for in a retail environment. Several noted brand names are available.