Boker Closeouts: Boker Manufaktur Solingen H. Boker & Co White 4/8" Round Head

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The straight razor with the 4/8 carbon steel blade (high edge-holding, non-stainless) was a bestseller in the product range of H. Boker in 1906. Because of its compact blade size, this model was very popular with barbers and other professional users. But today, this size is rather uncommon. The experienced Boker craftsmen grind the popular rounded head onto the blade, which is fabricated with the pronounced hollow blade grind plus wall. The grip scales are made from premium elforyn with ivory look. Includes authentic Boker embossing on the blade joint. Fully handcrafted in the Solingen-based Boker Manufactory. Shipped with individually assigned serial number and authenticity certificate in historical packaging.

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