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Blowguns & Darts

Though propelled by one's breath alone, blowguns can pack an unexpected punch. Beginners can learn to hit their target with a minimal amount of practice, making blowguns easy and fun to shoot. Offer these unique products to your customers and watch sales take off. Many sizes and colors are available. If you're just starting out with blowguns in your inventory, begin by offering the basic black model in 3 different sizes. You can then expand with models that include more darts, which is a key feature for customers. You can also offer models that will hit harder and go farther. Note that the .50 caliber blowguns such as the 48 inch Loaded Commando is more powerful than other models.

The 12 inch Cub Blowgun uses blunt darts that won't stick in their targets. This makes them an appropriate style for kids. The 18 inch Ninja is an exceptionally safe model that includes two types of darts—target darts and stuns darts. The 48 inch Warrior Loaded Blowgun, on the other end of the scale, is a high end blowgun that's one of our most popular sellers. It is a serious hunting model that comes with 4 kinds of darts and is built for precision. Accessories and darts fit perfectly within the aluminum barrel and will please the most discriminating tastes. The darts included are target, stun, broad head and spearhead. There are other models in different sizes and colors to fill any need. We also stock different types of darts, muzzle guard, repeater and other accessories.

Note that blowguns are not legal in all states. Currently Massachusetts, California and the District of Columbia all prohibit their sale and use. They are also illegal in Canada. We cannot ship these blowguns to those areas. There may be other locations where they are restricted, so check the laws in your locality before ordering.