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Crossbows, Recurve Bows, Compound Bows, Bolts, & More

Wild Bill Wholesale carries a huge selection of blowguns, crossbows, slingshots and compound bows at discount prices. Our extensive inventory is packed with brand-name equipment at prices you can afford, so whether you're looking for a Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun or a youth-sized bow that's perfect for beginners, you'll find it in our catalog.

We carry easy-to-shoot blowguns and accessories for every level of expertise. From 12-inch Cub Blowguns to .50 caliber, 48-inch Loaded Commando Blowguns, Wild Bill Wholesale's massive collection has it all. We also keep target darts, spike darts and paintballs in bulk packages on-hand, so you can get everything you need at one time. We even have stun darts with flat tips to help keep kids safe during practice sessions.

Looking for wholesale crossbows, arrows and bolts? Wild Bill Wholesale is the place to be. Our huge selection of crossbows and accessories includes several styles, sizes and types. We have 50-pound and 80-pound pistol crossbows that are ideal for small game and target practice. Our inventory is also brimming with 150-pound and 180-pound rifle crossbows that are perfectly tailored for bigger targets. We carry affordable arrows, tips and replacement strings as well.

Small game hunters also love our extensive collection of slingshots and wrist rockets. We carry hand-carved wooden slingshots and modern-style Trumark slingshots, so it's easy to find what works for you. We offer a wide variety of slingshot ammo at wholesale prices to round out our collection.

Archers of all experience levels come to Wild Bill Wholesale because we carry some of the best compound bows available. Our wholesale compound bows have cutting-edge features that make them easier and more enjoyable to shoot, whether you're practicing with 3D targets or stealing through the woods in search of the real thing. Our huge inventory of blowguns, bows and slingshots is second-to-none, and since we offer everything in our catalog at wholesale prices, you can get exactly what you need without going over budget.

Crossbows are an ancient weapon dating back to 4th and 5th century BC, first used in ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and the Far East. Today crossbows are primarily used in hunting, competitive sports and for situations when silent shooting is desired. With our competitively priced wholesale crossbows, you can offer your customers great deals on these unique items. We offer top of the line 300lb pound Compound Crossbows all the way down to the much more affordable 50lb fiberglass pistol crossbow.For your convenience, we have replacement parts and accessories as well.

Our more economical crossbows include our best seller, the 50 pound Pistol Crossbow, named for its pistol-style fiberglass body. We also have an 80 pound Pistol, made from metal, which is more sturdy and heavier. Our Rifle Crossbows with 150 pound pull are available with aluminum or wooden body. They both have a foot pull for easy cocking. For your customers' convenience, you can stock up on replacement bolts, string and crossbow arrows. Our bolts come in plastic or aluminum, in sets of 12. We have replacement string for 50, 80 and 150 pound crossbows. We also have aluminum arrows and broadhead tips. These quality crossbows will appeal to serious hunters, sportsmen and those wishing to rediscover an ancient shooting tradition.p<>