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Self defense products are just about the hottest selling category of merchandise we have right now. With this package deal you will receive an assortment of our best selling items from this category, including stun guns, pepper spray, and expandable batons. Each item in the package is a top selling item, and all are priced at our lowest available wholesale price, which normally is only available when you buy 3-10 of each item (depending on the item. NOTE: The contents of our wholesale packages are updated monthly, to reflect our current best sellers. Therefore, the image shown is an example, the items you receive may vary from the ones in the image. NOTE: ITEMS IN THIS PACKAGE ARE RESTRICTED IN CERTAIN STATES. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT THE CATEGORY PAGE SUCH AS STUN GUNS, BATONS, ETC. IF YOU ORDER THIS PACKAGE AND SOME OF THE ITEMS ARE RESTRICTED, WE WILL CUSTOMIZE A PACKAGE FOR YOU THAT CONTAINS LEGAL ITEMS FOR YOUR STATE, ALL OF WHICH WILL STILL BE BEST SELLERS. THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THIS PACKAGE IS RESTRICTED IN THE STATES OF MA AND NY, AND THEREFORE THIS PACKAGE WILL NOT BE SHIPPED TO ADDRESSES IN THOSE STATES.
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