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IMPORTANT NOTE: THE IMAGE SHOULD BE USED ONLY AS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS IN THE PACKAGE DEALS. The contents of this package are updated monthly as updated sales information is available. Therefore, the items you will receive may vary from the image. You will always receive our current best sellers in this package. Not sure what to order? Let us do the work for you! Our wholesale packages are assembled using our sales data covering thousands of orders we have received from our customers. The knives in these packages are the "cream of the crop" from the top of our best seller lists! Contents of the packages are updated monthly using our lastest sales data. This package consists of an assortment of our best selling throwing stars. By purchasing this package you are ensured to receive our very best selling ninja stars, you are also given our lowest level 3 pricing for each item, which ensures that you will be getting the best price for each item, normally you would have to buy 3 of each item to receive the prices that you are for this package. A packing list is enclosed with each package showing the suggested retail and price you paid for each item.

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