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Not Sure What to Buy?-Let Us Do the Work For You!

The most important decision any dealer has to make is what merchandise to purchase for resale. Ultimately your success will depend on selecting items that will sell.After many requests, we have put together these wholesale package assortments. The advantage of purchasing these package deals are:

-All items in each package are proven best sellers. We use our sales data, covering thousands of orders, to make up these packages. So every item you receive will be "cream of the crop", from our best seller lists.

-We update the contents of these packages monthly, using updated sales information from the previous month. So if a new item comes in and starts selling very well, it will automatically be included in the best seller packages.

-These packages are priced at our lowest level 2 wholesale pricing, which means you will receive the price on every item in the package that normally you only receive when purchasing 3 or more of an item.

-While obviously we can't guarantee that you will sell any particular item, we are sure you will be pleased with these package deals. By ordering only our best selling items you will have only "hot sellers" to offer your customers.In addition a packing list is included with each assortment, showing the suggested retail price and the price you paid for each item.