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Arkansas Stones

When it's time to conduct routine maintenance on your knives, you can't do it right without an Arkansas stone knife sharpener. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we carry a huge selection of Arkansas stone knife sharpeners so you can get exactly what you need to hone your collection. Whether you're looking for an Arkansas Tri-Hone Knife Sharpener with three stones in varying grits or a Dan's Whetstone EZ Hone, you'll find it at Wild Bill Wholesale.

Our inventory is packed with Arkansas stones that are specifically designed for sharpening high-quality blades. We have single-stone sharpeners that come with a leather pouch and top-grade honing oil, several Arkansas Stone Honing Kits and more.

If you're sharpening a small knife, try using something like our Arkansas Stone EZ Hone; it's dual sided with medium and coarse stones which measure 6 inches by 1.75 inches, and each end has block guides to help you get the right angle. Like most of the sets in our collection, it comes with honing oil in a convenient, easy-to-pour plastic bottle with a stopper. Big knives need big wholesale Arkansas stones, like our Soft Arkansas Whetstone/10"x2". It's mounted on a cedar block to keep it secure while you sharpen your cooking knives, tactical knives or other blades.

Each level of hardness on an Arkansas stone has a different purpose. Some of our wholesale sharpeners, like the Arkansas Sportsman Sharpener Set with Honing Oil, feature two stones in one mounted on a solid oak block. Others, like the Arkansas Stone Tri-Hone, come in a variety of lengths and comprise three separate sharpening stones. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we carry several types of these Arkansas sharpeners so you can give your collection the best possible care. These wholesale knife sharpeners also make great gifts for chefs, hunters and outdoorsmen. Our catalog is full of soft, hard, coarse and smooth stones that make it easy to care for the blades in your collection.