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Anza Knives

At Wild Bill Wholesale, it's our mission to provide you with the world's best knives at the world's best prices. That's why we have a huge collection of wholesale Anza knives that includes everything you need for your next wild adventure. Our selection of Anza knives includes several sizes and styles so you have the freedom to choose the perfect blade.

Each of the wholesale Anza knives in our extensive collection is durable, rugged and easy to take care of. The Anza 7-inch skinner features a 2.75-inch blade and full tang construction; its plastic-impregnated wood handles are laminated for a smooth grip that can withstand severe weather conditions. The slightly larger Grizzly model, measuring in at 7.5 inches, features micro serrations along one side of its ultra-sharp blade. Need something more compact but just as tough? Try our wholesale Anza Small or Medium Hunter knives, which feature the same hard-core construction in a smaller package.

The Anza Whitetail series features decorative handles and etched blades for added style. These knives make excellent gifts or collectors' items. They're as sturdy and durable as the rest of this company's blades, so they're incredibly useful to hunters, fishermen and other outdoorsmen. The super-slim Anza Dune Slayer is a robust knife that measures 12.75 inches from tip to bottom, and it features a built-in lanyard hole to make securing it easy. With a black Micarta handle and an annealed, cold-ground metal blade, this knife is perfect for avid sportsmen.

Our huge selection of wholesale Anza knives is packed with value. These collectible, high-end knives have plenty of style, so they're extremely collectible. At the same time, they're versatile and useful; no matter why you want one, you can get a wholesale Anza knife from Wild Bill Wholesale that will last you a lifetime.