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Wholesale Airsoft and Pellet Guns
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Airsoft Guns & Air RiflesAirsoft guns are extremely popular in today's market. There are organized Airsoft teams, clubs and competitions in countries all around the world. Airsoft gun use is often combined with historical reenactments of specific battles, and the guns are designed to be realistic replicas of actual weapons. Airsoft guns are also used by the military and police for non-lethal training purposes, and they're frequently found as film props. Adding these impressive lifelike weapons to your inventory "arsenal" will increase your customer's interest and ultimately, your sales. We carry two types of Airsoft guns—spring powered and electric. We also have CO2 Cartridges which are used as ammunition. We have a selection of airguns, which are very different from Airsoft guns, in that they use lead BB-type pellets rather than plastic pellets.

Our Spring Powered Airsoft Guns are available as pistols and rifles. In the Spring Powered Pistols series, we have the UK Arms M777B. This is considered an "entry level" gun, constructed of plastic, with a magazine that fits into the grip. The M206GL Spring Powered has a shotgun-style pump cocking mechanism, and includes an electronic laser and tactical flashlight. The P698 Pistol comes with a top sight, laser and safety glasses. All models include a starter pack of BB's. In the Electric Powered series, we have the M95B with removable scope and the Double Eagle M806, which can shoot full or semi-automatic. This model of gun includes a scope, laser and flashlight.

Our Airgun collection features several pistol and rifle models and different types of pellets for ammunition. There's the Beeman Deluxe Air Pistol which is very quiet with no recoil, making it ideal for home practice use. The Sportsman Series Deluxe Kit includes wadcutter pellets and shooting glasses. The gun itself has open sights, an automatic safety and sporter trigger. We also have a High Velocity Underlever Cocking Air Gun and air rifle combo models. For ammunition, there are wadcutter pellets, hollow point coated pellets and lead pellets.