8Ball Blades 10pc Dealer OTF Pack

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In this set you get two each of all 5 of our newest 8Ball Blades OTF knives. We have special permission to put this together and offer it to our shoppers at below MAP pricing.  Normally if you were to purchase these knives you would be looking at a $380 bill, an average price of $38 each. But with this limited time special offer you get all ten for just $299.95, an average of $29 per Knife.  If you own a shop or run a booth somewhere this is a great opportunity to get some quality, hard to find products at a great deal! This is a special package we are offering to help promote a new brand, after this initial offering it is unlikely that we will be able to sell these knives at this price, so take advantage of it while the deal is on the table! 

Each knife in this set is a standard size to large sized, opens/closes with full auto double action ,  comes with a hassle free lifetime guarantee, partially manufactured and fully assembled in the United States, has a unique or completely original design, comes with a deluxe snap buckle nylon sheath, and is gift boxed.  

Lifetime warranty to the original end user. Warranty covers all defects in workmanship and materials. Excluded from the warranty are ornamental finishes on the handles, and knives that have been abused (ie. using the blade as a prybar, disassembling the knife, etc.) Knives which meet the criteria for the warranty will be repaired or replaced at the option of EightBall Blades. Also, PLEASE do not hold the knife up flush to an object and then open it. The blade will NOT penetrate the object. This is a built in safety feature. In the event you try this you will find that the blade will neither open or close. To correct this, use a small cloth to put over the blade (to protect your fingers). Then put your thumb and index finger on opposite sides of the blade (be sure to stay away from the cutting edge) and pull the blade fully open until you feel a click. At that point the blade should open and close as normal. Additionally this may damage the tip of the blade. This is considered abuse, and is not covered under the warranty.
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