5pc Wholesale Stiletto Knives Set- Automatics

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Our Wholesale 5pc stiletto set is back!

Just like before we will provide you with 5 different automatic stiletto knives per set. Each one will look unique to the rest but will all function the same way. Just mash the button located in the middle of the handle to deploy the blade. The slider located directly underneath the button is a safety(slid up safety is engaged/ slid down- knife is ready to fire). To close is a bit more complicated but comes natural with experience. Press down on the top hand guard like extension  protruding from the spine side of the knife. This action will release the blade from locked position and allow it to be fully closed by pushing together blade and handle until you hear it lock back in to place closed. Each knife will feature a 3.5" stainless steel blade . 9-10" overall. Individually Boxed.

When buying a set you are getting each knife for just $10.95!

If you get 3+ Sets, each knife is only $9.85!

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