55" Paracdord wrapped Hiking Stick w/ Carved Bear

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Need extra support while hiking on trails, snow, ice, sand, mountains, and all sorts of terrain? This walking stick will help provide the assistance you need. This walking stick features an attached wrist strap for added support while walking or for hanging up when storing. Remove the rubber cover so you can use the steel tip for extra traction when trekking through those rough and challenging paths. When necessary, the steel spike can also be used in case of emergency or self-defense.


  • Overall height: 55"
  • Bianbai wood
  • Weatherproof finish on body
  • Hand-carved grizzly bear design on body
  • Rope-wrapped handle
  • Specially designed steel spike
  • Specially designed rubber tip cover (removable)

NOTE: Due to high cost of shipping this product has a minimum purchase quantity of 3 pcs.

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