5.5" Counterfeit Currency Bill Detector Pen With Clip

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One of the main concerns when running a business, especially brick & mortar, is accepting counterfeit currency. This concern is compounded by the fact that your store is in a highly trafficked area of tourism. You may know how to spot inconsistencies in your local currency, but what do you do about international currency. The 5.5" Counterfeit Currency Bill Detector Pen With Clip can be the solution your looking for. If the bill legal currency, then a yellow mark will be present and fade after a few hours. If the mark is black, then you know not to accept the form of paper money payment.


  • Ink will work on International Paper Currencies
    • Argentia- Peso
    • Brazil- Cruzero
    • Britian- Pound
    • Euro Countries - Euro
    • Hong Kong - Dollar
    • Japan- Yen
    • Korea- Won
    • Macao- Dollar
    • Malaysia- Dollar
    • New Zealand- Dollar
    • Russia- Ruble
    • South Africa- Rand
    • Taiwan- NT Dollar
    • Thailand- Baht
    • USA- Dollar
  • Results in Seconds
  • Markings will fade after a few hours
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