276Pc Rotary Tool Accessories Kit on Revolving Stand

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The276pc Rotary Tool Accessories Kit on Revolving Stand is an extensive tool kit that is ready for your next project.


  • 52 Pc Sand Belts
  • 8Pc Felt Wheels
  • 1Pc Felt Bullet
  • 2Pc Rubber Polishing Wheels
  • 3Pc Sand Drums
  • 3Pc Cylindrical Diamond Burrs
  • 1Pc Knob Cylindrical Diamond Burr
  • 2Pc Ball Diamond Burr
  • 1Pc Flame Diamond Burr
  • 1Pc Cone Diamond Burr
  • 1Pc Inverted Cone Diamond Burr
  • 1Pc Flathead Diamond Burr
  • 1Pc Wire Loop Diamond Burr
  • 2Pc Diamond Cutting Disc
  • 9Pc Precision Drills
  • 3PC Collets
  • 6Pc Aluminium Oxide Grindstones
  • 4Pc Silicon Carbide Grindstones
  • 3PC PP Brushes
  • 3Pc Steel Brushes
  • 1Pc Brass Brush
  • 12Pc Alumimium Oxide Grinding Wheels
  • 6Pc Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels
  • 6Pc Rubber Polishing Tips
  • 80Pc Sand Paper
  • 36Pc Resin Cutting Disc
  • 1Pc Polishing Paste
  • 1Pc Grindstone
  • 2Pc Mandrel
  • 1Pc Expanding Mandrel
  • 1Pc Wrench
  • 16Pc Fiberglass Reinforced Cutting Disc
  • 4Pc Flap Wheel
  • 1Pc Adhesive Sand Paper Fixture
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