2004-S U.S. 11 pc. Silver Proof Set

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2004 U.S. Silver Proof Set- Contains a total of 11 coins, 7 of which are 90% silver. Set consists of: 90% Silver Kennedy Half 90% Silver Roosevelt Dime Sacagawea Dollar Jefferson "Keelboat" Nickel Jefferson "Peace" Nickel Lincoln Cent 90% Silver Michigan Quarter 90% Silver Florida Quarter 90% Silver Texas Quarter 90% Silver Iowa Quarter 90% Silver Wisconsin Quarter Packaged in original mint packaging (2 hard cases), along with original box and certificate ofauthenticity issued by the U.S. Mint. This set contains about 1.5 oz. of pure silver. We only have one set of these coins available, so when ordering this item you will receive the exact one pictured.
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