1943-S Jefferson Silver War Nickel- MS66 Certified Flawless Uncirculated

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This 1943-S Jefferson War Nickel is graded MS66 flawless uncirculated by NGS, and is enclosed in their encapsulated tamper proof container. These "war nickels" as they are known, contain 35% pure silver. During the war years, metals normally used in nickels were desperately needed for the war effort, and so the mint changed the metal composition of the 5 cent piece for those years, including a precious metal in a nickel for the first time. Today, these nickels are extremely scarce in uncirculated condition. They can be identified easily by the large mint mark which appears over the dome of the memorial on the reverse side. We only have one of these available, so the purchaser will receive the exact item pictured. No specials or discounts apply on this item.

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