1923 U.S. Series 1923 Silver Certificate (Large Size) - Very Fine (VF) to Extra Fine (XF)

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Prior to 1928, U.S. currency was considerably larger in size than today's bills. One of these large bills is shown in the photo with a modern bill for comparison purposes. These old bills were called "horse blankets" due to their size. The 1923 Large Size Silver Certificate is an excellent bill to add to a growing U.S. currency collection, as examples can still be had for a very reasonable price, and it adds a variety to your collection as it is usually the first large size bill most collectors acquire. These bills grade very fine (VF) to extra fine (XF), they have seen little circulation and have retain a crisp "new bill" feel, most have almost new looking original color. These bills are much harder to find than the more heavily circulated examples. While the book price is for bills in this condition is $60.00, we are selling them currently at just $42.99. We just purchased a large dealer stock of these bills, some of them were marked for sale by the previous owner for as much as $95.00! We currently have more than 1 of these bills in stock, so the bill you receive may be different from the one in the photo, but will be in similar condition. Modern $1 bill is shown for comparison purposes, and is not included. Please note that the bill in the comparison picture is of a lower grade than these bills. This item is not included in any discount promotions that may be in effect from time to time.

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