1858 Flying Eagle Cent- VG

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The Flying Eagle Cent was the first of the U.S. small cents that we are familiar with today, and was produced only from 1856-1858. These are all quite scarce today, and sought avidly by collectors. This 1858 coin still has a lot of nice detailing, these coins with wear tend to have the details of the eagle's face and feathers wear off, there is still quite a bit of nice detailing on the coin, however there is some mild surface corrosition which somewhat lowers the grade. So whereas this coin books for $35 in VG and $45 in Fine, we are selling this one for just $27.99 You may notice the color is different on these coins than modern pennies, that's because they were made from a copper-nickel mixture that was eliminated in the 1860's, therefore these earlier cents have more of a golden cast to them. We only have one set available, so please don????t order more than one. This item is exempted from any discount promotions which may be offered from time to time.

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