1857 Flying Eagle Cent- Good (G)

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This 1857 Flying Eagle Cent is borderline grade between Good and Very Good, but we employ conservative grading standards here at Wild Bill Wholesale, so we are going to classify it as a grade good. This coin books for $28.00 in the Red Book, so we are pricing it at the bargain price of $24.99, many times we buy collections of coins which enables us to obtain below wholesale prices on these old coins, and we believe in passing those savings on to our customers. The Flying Eagle Cent was the first of the U.S. Small Cents, replacing the old Large Cent in 1856. It had one of the shortest runs in U.S. coin history, having been made for only 3 years (1856-1858). These first small cents have a copper nickel composition which gives them a distinctly different color appearance for modern cents, the compostiion which remained unchanged from 1864 until just a few yeaars ago. These scarce 1 cent coins are highly sought after by collectors today. We currently have only one of these in stock, so please don't order more than 1. The purchaser will receive the exact item pictured. Discount promotions do not apply to this item.

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