1851-O Silver 3 Cent Piece- Brilliant Uncirculated

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This coin was obtained as part of a large estate of rare coins we were able to purchase at a good price, so we are pricing this coin below book value to pass along the savings to our customer. This is an 1851-O 3 cent silver coin. These coins were made from 1851-1873. This coin has the distinctions of being the first year of issue, as well as the only issue of the 3 cent silver piece produced by any other mint besides the main ment in Philadelphia. In 1851 only, this coin was produced in New Orleans. Note the "o" mint mark to the right of the roman numeral on the reverse side. Today it seems odd that there would have been a need for a 3 cent coin, but in the 19th century the runaway inflation we have today hadn't started yet, so many items could be purchased for cents instead of dollars. At the time many foreign coins such as pieces of eight circulated in the U.S., and there was a need for a coin between the 1 and 5 cent denomination to facilitate change making. These coins did not wear well due to their small size and heavy usage so it is hard to find an uncirculated example and they are quite valuable. This is the only coin with a face value of less than 5 cents ever produced that contained precious metal. Also, this is one of a very few coins produced for regular circulation in the 19th century that doesn't bear a portrait on the front. This coin is in brilliant uncirculated condion, with a pleasing overall silver luster. Looks like it just came from the mint. We only have one available, so please don't order more than one. This item is not included in any promotions that may be in effect from time to time.

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