1849-D U.S. $1 Gold Coin- Ultra Rare Dahlonega Mint

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The U.S. produced a $1 gold coin from 1849 through 1889. This coin has the distinction of being a first year of production issue, and also having been coined at the former U.S. Mint in Dahlonega, Georgia. We purchased a large estate of rare coins, this being one of them, we are passing along the savings to our customers. This coin has been professionally graded as EF45 (Extra Fine) by the PCI. In the pricing guides, EF is usually a 40, and 50 is Almost Uncirculated, so this 45 rating puts it between the two grades. The current book value for an EF 40 1849-D gold dollar is $2,000 and an AU 50 is $2,850. So the price of $1,799 for this example is an excellent bargain for the lucky buyer. Due to their rarity, a gold coin from the Dahlonega mint will be a prize of any collection of rare coins. The saga of the Dahlonega mint is perhaps one of the most fascinating stories in the history of U.S. coinage. In the 1830's there was a gold rush in the southeastern U.S., which preceded the California gold rush by 10-15 years. Thousands of prospectors descended on the remote area in the North Georgia Mountains where the gold was being found. As a result, the U.S. government authorized construction of branch mints to make gold coins only at Dahlonega, and also at Charlotte, NC. The Dahlonega mint opened in 1839, and remained in operation for 24 years, until the start of the civil war, and when Georgia seceeded from the Union in January, 1861 the mint was taken over by Confederate forces, never to reopen as a mint. The building was used for a number of purposes after that, and then was turned over to North Georgia College when it was founded in 1873. The college used the building until it burned down in 1878. A new building was subsequently constructed on the foundation of the mint building, and is still in use today. Having been produced in small quantities, all gold coins from the Dahlonega mint are exceedingly rare, and even if one wishes to purchase one, they are hard to locate for sale. According to U.S. Mint records, only 21,588 gold dollars were produced at Dahlonega in 1849. For sure, only a tiny fraction of those survive today. We have only one of these very rare coins available, so please don't order more than one. Promotions and discounts offered on the site form time to time do not apply to this item.

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