1835 Capped Bust Half Dollar- NGC Certified Very Fine (VF-35)

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This coin has been professionally graded by the NGC grading service, the most well respected in the industry. They have graded it as a Very Fine 35. Typical VF grade is 30, and Extra Fine (EF) is 40, so this coin falls between the two grades at a 35. Frankly, we have seen other coins such as this graded EF that didn't look any better than this one. This coin has super details, including the shoulder clasp and the details in the cap.It is very sharply struck with very nice raised relief. The Capped Bust dollar was made from 1807 through 1839. Prior to 1836, they did not have the reeded edge seen on all precious metal coins since to deter metal shaving by unscrupulous individuals. Instead these early coins have words sunk into the edge that reads "Fifty Cents or Half a Dollar". This coin is encapsulated in the official sealed tamper proof holder of the NGC. We only have one available, so please don't order more than one. This item is not included in any promotions that may be in effect from time to time.
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