1823 Capped Bust Half Dollar- Certified MS62 Uncirculated-PRICE REDUCED!

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We were able to obtain this beautiful 1823 Half Dollar in Gem Uncirculated condition at a below market price, and are passing the savings on to the lucky buyer. This coin currently books for $1,250 in MS60 uncirculated, we are offering this premium uncirculated MS62 example for just $899.00, reduced from $995.00. This coin has been professionally graded by the PCI Grading Service, and is sealed in their tamper proof holder. Needless to say, half dollar silver coins that are nearly 200 years old in uncirculated condition are quite rare. The Capped Bust Half Dollar was made from 1807 through 1836. It features a portrait of Lady Liberty on the front, she is wearing a cap inscribed "LIBERTY". On the reverse is the eagle in the style used on most U.S. gold and silver coins of the first half of the 19th century. Unlike later reeded edge coins, these early ones have a lettered edge inscribed with the denomination. We have only one of these very rare coins available, so please don't order more than one. Promotions and discounts offered on the site form time to time do not apply to this item.


It is estimated that out of an original mintage of 1.7 million, that only about 6,500 1823 Bust Halves survive today in all condition states.

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