12 T-Shirts for $20- assorted mis-prints and mis-sized

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12 T-Shirts for only $19.99 ($1.66 ea.)-read on.....


Sometimes when we "make" T-Shirts, the design doesn't transfer properly to the shirt, and we wind up with a mis-print. In some cases, this is quite noticeable on the shirt, and on others it is barely noticeable.

In other instances, the operator simply uses the wrong size blank shirt, and we then have a shirt that wasn't ordered. With the large number of designs we offer, it isn't practical to store this shirt until someone orders the same design in the same size.

So we have gathered all of these T-shirts together, and are offering them in groups of 12 for just $1.66 ea($19.99 total), far lower than the cost of a plain T-shirt.  Some of these shirts are nice enough to be re-sold, others make great undershirts or shirts to wear around the house or to sleep in.

Each grab bag of 12 shirts will be different, and may include sizes from small-2XL.  All of the shirts are first quality Gilden T-s, the only problem is with the transfers that were applied. These shirts are brand new, unused and have never left our warehouse.


Please note that the image shown is of 1 sample grab bag, and every one is different, and not likely to contain the same shirts in the image.

Naturally we have only a few of these grab bags available, so they will sell out fast at this price. 


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