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ZAP Stun Guns

Because we here at believe that every person walking the streets or are out in public these days needs a way to defend themselves, we are proud to carry the ZAP brand of stun guns and other state of the art prersonal protection devices, and all at our low wholesale prices.

ZAP Brand Stun Guns over the last few years has come up with some of the most original and useful stun gun designs currently available on the market. Here at The Zap Cane is one of the top selling stun guns we have ever carried, featuring a quality walking cane that will support up to 250 pounds of weight, and has a 1 million volt stun gun built into its end. With this unique product, you can "reach out and touch" your assailant from 36" away, no need to let them get any closer to defend yourself with your Zap Cane. The item that rocketed ZAP to one of the most prominent positions in the stun gun market is Blast Knuckles. This design makes it virtually impossible for a potential street predator to gain control of your stun gun unit, enabling you to defend yourself with confidence. We now offer Blast Knuckles in pink as well. Be sure to peruse our large selection of ZAP products, they will make a great addition to your self defense products line.