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Walker's Game Ear / Game Ear III HD Comm - Single Unit

Walker's Game Ear / Game Ear III HD Comm - Single Unit

Item #: 001_wge70305
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Walkers Game Ear III HD Comm (Wireless Communication) - Single Unit. Provides 9 times hearing enhancement with 50 dB of power. Offers the Adjustable Frequency Tuning circuit for fine tuning the frequency range, but also allows for wireless communication when used in conjunction with any FRS or GMRS two-way radio with external mic ports. NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 29 dB is among the highest in the industry. Sound Activated Compression (SAC) combined with included foam ear plugs, helps protect hearing. Light-weight - weighs less than 1/4 oz. Rests comfortably behind either ear, with or without eyeglasses. Includes: High Definition Digital HD Comm - w/Wireless communicator, PTT Microphone, Loop Single Prong, SoundTube Earplug, and battery. Hang packaged.