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Spy Cams

Wild Bill Wholesale's spy cams will be popular with your customers because they enable them to discreetly record video, audio or still photos, either in their presence or remotely.

The Ball Point Pen Spy Cam looks like an ordinary pen but records video, audio and still photos. Even harder to detect is the Necktie DVR Spy Cam, a zip-style tie that contains a DVR. The DVR tie kit comes with the tie, USB cable for downloading files to a computer, a remote control, CD, and user manual. Another option for discreet recording is the Spy Sunglasses. These lightweight and stylish sunglasses record audio and video and make no-hands recording as easy as wearing glasses. They have 4 GB of built-in memory and recorded pictures or video can be downloaded to a computer with the included cable.

Wild Bill Wholesale also offers spy cams for seeing what's happening when you're not around. The Mini Wireless Surveillance Spy Cam is only about 1 square inch in size and operates on battery or AC power, so it can be mounted almost anywhere. It comes with a receiver that can be attached to a TV or monitor for color pictures. Wireless range is up to 100 meters. Equally small is the Thumb Size DVR Spy Camera with voice activation, which is just 2.25 by 0.75 inches. The Spy Clock DVR with a built-in motion detector is a clock that will fit into the décor of any room without arousing suspicion. The MP3 player spy cam doubles as a music player, while still recording videos and still photos.

Use the Full Range Camera and Bug Detector to locate eavesdropping devices placed by others. It finds hidden cameras and audio devices and lets you choose from silent or audible alerts.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check all state, local and federal Laws governing the use of hidden cameras, with or without audio, before ordering and/or using hidden or covert video and/or audio surveillance equipment. In most states, hidden video surveillance is legal, as long as it is not done in an area where reasonable privacy is expected. These areas include, but are not limited to, bathrooms, bedrooms and dressing rooms. In most states, video surveillance does not require the consent of parties involved. However, in some states, the use of audio recording or surveillance requires the consent of all parties involved. There are also various federal and state laws regulating the use and possession of some types of audio surveillance equipment. We recommend that you check all state, local and federal laws regarding the use of hidden cameras with or without audio.