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Screaming Flying Monkey

Who was that masked....monkey?

Item #: 3010
Retail Price: $7.99
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You Save Up To: 53%
1 - 5 pieces$4.25 ea.
6 + pieces$3.75 ea.

A fun gift idea-will keep kids entertained for hours on end! Monkey has elastic in his arms and legs, you load him up kind of like a slingshot, fingers in slots in his hands, pull back on his legs, and let 'er rip! He'll go flying up to 50 feet through the air while screaming like Cheetah on the old Tarzan movies. He comes with his own mask and cape. You just can't resist the flying Monkey! Order now!

Buy 12 and receive the colorful cardboard display in the picture. Dealers-this is a great demonstration item,-create many impulse sales!

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