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Rapid Dominance Tactical Gloves

The selection of Rapid Dominance Tactical Gloves available at Wild Bill Wholesale sells for so much less than what you would pay retail that the hands your protecting will be inspired to break out in spontaneous applause. These tactical gloves are ideal for protecting at-risk hands from scratches and cuts. Rapid Dominance kevlar gloves have a back side made of a neoprene-spandex hybrid for superior flexibility, and a palm constructed from durable synthetic leather. An inner lining made of kevlar is further insurance against cuts on your hands and fingers.

Pro Tactical Gloves from Rapid Dominance offer knuckle protection and foam on the fingers. Keep your hands cool with the glove's mesh backing and ventilated fingers. The Pro Tactical Gloves have synthetic leather on the palm to enhance durability and silicon printing for an even better grip. Use these tactical gloves to enhance any number of activities, from wielding weapons to improving your grip during important tasks. Even when the temperature rises, the sticky silicon and leather exterior of this glove will not falter. Used extensively in the field of law enforcement, these gloves offer protection to the officer's hands and knuckles, and the kevlar prevents needle sticks in instances when suspects need to be frisked.

The pro tactical gloves are available in multiple sizes and colors so you can find a pair that matches your sensibilities. Why settle for an inferior glove that doesn't offer the performance or protection of this tactical glove? And at Wild Bill's low prices, you won't have to worry about busting your budget. Don't miss out on your chance to upgrade your hand protection.

Wild Bill Wholesale, a Georgia-based company with more than 18,000 items in stock, prides itself on its knowledgeable staff and top quality. For more information, call 888-922-5233.