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Wholesale Puma Pocket Knives

The lineage of Puma knives dates back to 1769 when Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung began making knives in a shop in Germany. Over the years, the company has survived changes of leadership, wars, and a fire that destroyed much of the factory, but today Puma remains a brand recognized worldwide. Puma knives are distributed in the United States by the Puma Knife Company U.S.A., based in Lenexa, Kan.

The smallest of the Puma knives carried by Wild Bill Wholesale is a traditional pocket knife, the Puma Pen Knife Stag, which measures 3.375 inches closed. It has both clip and pen stainless steel blades and the genuine stag handles are complemented with nickel silver bolsters and the inlaid Puma shield to provide a classic look.

The difference with Puma knives lies in the German steel blades. Each German-made blade is tested for hardness before it is assembled into a Puma knife, and you can see the proof for yourself. Just look for the small, dot-shaped indentation on the blade. That is the mark from a Rockwell hardness tester that uses a diamond-point needle to check the blade for hardness, leaving behind a mark that is your guarantee that the blade meets Puma standards. Puma uses 440C steel and adds about 1 percent carbon for a great edge and about 17 percent chromium to inhibit rusting, along with other trace elements for greater structural strength and consistency. There are easier and less expensive ways to make knives, but Puma asks: "When it matters, would you rather have a German blade or a Chinese blade on your knife?"

See the wide selection of other Puma knives carried by Wild Bill Wholesale by following the Puma link above. You'll find a big selection of folding, hunting and fixed-blade Puma knives. Naturally, Wild Bill sells them at low wholesale prices.