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Super Special- 10 Knives for $28.95!

Fixed Blades & Folders- As Low as $2.26 Per Knife!

Item #: 700_pkg5
$99.99 Retail Price
$28.95 Your Price
You Save: 71%

This new 10 knife assortment contains a variety of fixed blade and folding knives. You get the "whole shebang" for just $28.95, or $2.89 per knife!

A super value and money maker!

This package consists of the knives shown. However, from time to time we may run out of one of the knives pictured. In that event we will substitute a similar knife of equal or greater value for the one that we are out of.

Sabre Pink Pepper Spray Hardshell Stop Strap  [NFS]
Retail Price: $41.99
Your Price: $19.39
Double Edged Dragon's Lair Katana  [NFS]
Retail Price: $49.49
$23.91, 2 for $42.54
MTech "Vandal" Gold 15" Axe
Retail Price: $43.99
Your Price: $25.58