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A small knife invented in Savoie, France more than a century ago has become a design icon the world over, and now Opinel Knives are available at sharply discounted prices from Wild Bill Wholesale. Opinel makes pocket knives, kitchen knives and garden knives. The selection of Opinel Knives at Wild Bill Wholesale includes those with handles made of oak, walnut, beechwood and olive wood with carbon or stainless steel blades. Pocket folders by Opinel are timeless tools essential for camping, picnics and other outdoor adventures. Knives as small as 1 7/8 inches (closed) and has large as 5 1/8 inches (closed) are included in Wild Bill's inventory of these classic French knives. Wild Bill Wholesale sells knives and more than 15,000 other items that can be bought in bulk for big savings.