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Master Ballistic Spring Assisted Folders

Assisted-opening knives are perfect for people who enjoy the convenience and ease-of-use they provide, and at Wild Bill Wholesale, we carry the best of the best. That's why you'll find a large collection of Master Ballistic spring-assisted folders in our catalog; they're sturdy, rugged and reliable. Made from the finest stainless steel and designed to look good without compromising functionality, these knives are great to have on-hand when you need to tackle a tough job.

Our collection of Master Ballistic and Master USA knives includes their most popular models, such as the Slayer tan skull camo spring-assisted knife and the Ballistic Cataclysm assisted opening rescue knife in a digi desert camo pattern. You'll find bright green, orange and pink Master Ballistic knives in our catalog, as well as traditional black, OD green and tan knives for tactical operations. No matter what you need, Wild Bill Wholesale can provide it at an affordable, competitive price.