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Folding Knives
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As knife connoisseurs, we know that not all tactical folding knives are created equal. At Wild Bill, knives are our specialty and people trust us to provide wholesale prices on top quality items. That's why we've created such a huge inventory and packed it with tactical lock backs, straight razors and butterfly knives. Looking for a six-function camper tool? We have them, as well as pocket knives and keychain and novelty knives.

Featured Items:

Wild Bill knives are known for their high quality; we carefully evaluate every blade we consider adding to our catalog to make sure it's rugged, durable and practical for its intended purpose. You'll find the best brands at the best prices when you shop with us.

Our extensive collection of butterfly knives is full of variety. From basic folding models to butterfly knives with harpoon blades, Wild Bill has the right type for your needs. Some are available in sets of three and four, so you get even more for your money.

Unfortunately, some cities, townships and counties don't allow butterfly knives; if that sounds like your location, check out our huge selection of tactical folding knives. Wild Bill is proud to carry tried-and-true brands like Rite Edge, Master USA and Eagle Eye. We even carry Tom Anderson Raze-Tacs. Our tactical folding knives are available in several sizes, styles and colors.

Some of our best-sellers are keychain and novelty knives. From tiny, bullet-shaped knives attached to key rings to U.S. military knife-and-nail-clipper combinations, Wild Bill carries some of the best novelty knives available. If you're looking for something a little more robust, you'll love our inventory of fantasy folders. We have knives designed to look like die-cast, pocket-sized motorcycles and more. Collectors enjoy our massive selection of straight razors by Wild Turkey, Master USA and Rite Edge. We also carry wholesale lockback knives in several lengths and styles, so finding the right knives for your personal inventory is easy.