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Wholesale Hammer Brand Knives

Hammer brand knives have been highly respected among sportsmen, outdoors enthusiasts and collectors for over 130 years. Hammer knives were first manufactured around 1880 by the New York Knife Company. In 1931 during the great depression, New York Knife, along with many of the old knife companies, ceased operations. Schrade Cutlery purchased the trademark, but production was dormant for many years. In recent years, Schrade reintroduced the brand and began to produce the Hammer brand knife again. The old style colors and jigging patterns in the bone handles will appeal to those who appreciate vintage knives. You don't see manufacturers of new knives using this style anymore. This uniqueness adds to their collectability. Be among the first to offer these new additions to the collectible knife market.

Included in the Hammer line is the 4 Blade Canoe with red pick bone handles. The knife includes 2 larger and 2 smaller blades, all made of 440 grade stainless steel. At 5.2 inches when closed, the Swell Center Jack Knife is the largest of these multiple blade knifes. Other patterns available include the Sunfish Whittler, the Lobster Claw Whittler, the Barlow and the Elephant Toe. Collectors who are completists will want to have them all.

The Riverboat Lockback knives are very impressive. They feature the same high quality 440 stainless steel blades, with stag, purple bone or pearl handles. The largest of them, the Large Riverboat Lockback, measures over 11 inches long when open. It weighs 12 ounces, so it gives a very solid, weighty feel in the hand.

The history of Hammer brand knives is a big draw for serious collectors and people interested in the early years of knife manufacturing. These retro-looking knives bring this rich tradition into the future, and are certain to attract attention among your customers. We offer them to you at highly competitive discount prices.