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Fixed Blade Knives
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No collection is complete without a wide variety of fixed blade knives. That's why, at Wild Bill Wholesale, we have a huge selection of them at wholesale prices. Our inventory is constantly rotating, and we get new arrivals often. Our massive inventory of wholesale fixed blade knives includes some of the most amazing knives known to man, from Gerber and Rite Edge to SOG and Colt.


Choose between fixed blade survival knives, combat and fighting knives, and machetes. We carry fixed blade boot and neck knives, hunting knives and diving knives, so no matter what you're looking for, you'll find it here. Each of the wholesale fixed blade knives in our inventory has been carefully chosen for its durability, reliability and practicality.

Wild Bill Wholesale's extensive collection of wholesale fixed blade knives includes ultra-slim, long daggers, robust fighting knives like the Fantasy Master First to Fight Marine Corps combat knife and much more. We have knives with a wide variety of blades, from serrated to double-edged, so choosing the right knife for your needs is easy. Many of our wholesale fixed blade knives also come with custom cases for safe carrying and transport.
Since we're talking about wholesale fixed blade knives, you'll also find amazing deals on items like the Sea Marauder 17-inch Bowie Knife with Scimitar Style Blade, the Non-Metallic Carbon Fiber Push Dagger, and the Gerber Gator Brush Thinner. Divers love our selection of diving knives and fillet knives; our inventory includes some with finger-grooved handles, rubber grips and quick-release locks.

Hunters and outdoorsmen usually high-tail it to our collection of wholesale hunting knives, which is where we keep 15-inch Kentucky bowie knives, 6.25-inch Gentleman's Whittlers and everything in between. We carry skinners, guthooks and hatchets to make sure our selection is well-rounded and contains everything you need when you're out in the wild. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we've hand-picked each of the wholesale fixed blade knives in our collection to ensure we're providing you with only the best quality at the best prices.