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Bark River Knives

A family-owned business specializing in the manufacture of semi-production cutting tools for use by outdoorsmen and anybody requiring top-level performance in the field, Bark River Knives are available at Wild Bill Wholesale for sharply discounted prices. Bark River makes fixed-blade knives and machetes with a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles and designs, including Gameskeeper, Grasso Bolo, Gunny Hunter, Canadian Stag, STS-7, Aurora Bushcraft and more. Handles are made with such materials as micarta, natural canvas, bocote wood, antique ivory and military spec camo. Bark River Knives that would cost a significant amount when bought for retail are available for savings of up to 50 percent at Wild Bill Wholesale. If your customers include knife users and collectors, these are a must for your inventory. Bark River knives are proudly made right in the USA.