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Steampunk Mechanical Scorpion Figurine

Steampunk Mechanical Scorpion Figurine

Item #: 096_FIG301E_9800
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If nature has a living tank, it has to be the scorpion. A potent sting, claws, and armor all make the scorpion seem like quite the threat. The Mechanical Steampunk Scorpion Statue puts forward an even more intimidating variant, made using the finest steampunk tech possible to transform this skittering arachnid. This awesome figurine recreates the look of the scorpion in detail, from the armored appearance to the pincer claws, down even to the wicked stinger. Where this statue differs, though, is that instead of a natural look, this steampunk figurine makes the scorpion entirely out of metal plates, parts, and steampunk tech, creating a lethal construct that looks very much like a weapon of war! Hinges, gears, machine parts, and hydraulics make this machine look as if it could truly move, allowing it to put its pinching claws and its articulated tail to good use. In reality, the statuary is made from cold cast resin, and while it cannot move, it still features wicked enough detail to give others pause when they first catch sight of it. And they will notice it, as the hand-painted finish echoes the bright color of bronze and brass, with sparse touches of copper green patina. This wicked Mechanical Steampunk Scorpion Statue makes for a great desk accent, as well as a fun addition to your decor to set on shelves and tables, too. Plus, it helps bring some steampunk style to your surroundings, while also offering a look that will leave others impressed and leery, all at once.


  • Length: 9.75 Inches
  • Made from Fine Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted To Resemble Steampunk Brass and Bronze Metals
  • Depicts a Mechanized Scorpion Made from Steampunk Tech
  • Possesses an Extreme Level of Detail
  • A Great Display Piece and Collectible for Steampunk Enthusiasts

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