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Best Seller Throwing Knife Package- $49.97
We've put together this special assortment of our best selling styles of throwing knives, and at a special discounted price of just $49.97 for the whole package deal! Click on details at right for more information.

ParacordCheetah "Celeste" 10M Volts Flashlight/Stun Gun Combo 3 Pc Set
Retail Price: $119.99
$35.73, 2 for $62.82
SPRING ASSIST CLOSEOUT PACKAGE- <strong><font color=red>20 KNIVES FOR UNDER $77!</strong></font color>
Retail Price: $275.99
Your Price: $76.99, 2 for $147.00
Monster Stun Guns- 7 Pc. Set
Retail Price: $279.99
Your Price: $83.93
Watchfire 10.5" Guthook Hunter
Retail Price: $19.99
Dinosaur "Fossil" Fantasy Knife with Stand
Retail Price: $37.99
CLOSEOUT PRICE! $16.95, 2 for $29.98
Zombie Cap - Black & Green
Retail Price: $12.99
Your Price: $4.99, 3 for $11.97, 12 for $35.88
Biohazard Retro Sunglasses
Retail Price: $9.98
Your Price: $4.99, 2 for $7.98, 3 for $8.97, 12 for $28.68
12" Collectible Wolf Knife & Stand
Retail Price: $34.95
Your Price: $16.99
Pistol Crossbow / 50 lb.
Retail Price: $24.99
Your Price: $12.99, 3 for $32.97, 6 for $61.50, 12 for $113.88
Streetwise Security S.M.A.C.K. 5 Million Volt Keychain Stun Gun - Black (FACTORY SECOND)
Retail Price: $39.99
Biohazard Zombie Survival Gear "The Horde" Assisted Opening Rescue Knife- 6 Pc Set
Retail Price: $71.49
Your Price: $28.92
6 Pc. Throwing Knife Set with Leg Sheath
Retail Price: $29.99
Your Price: $12.48, 2 for $22.49
5 Wartech Lockbacks for Just $8.35!
Retail Price: $16.99
Your Price: $8.35
Ballistic "Gypsy" Assisted Opening Folder - Ti-Treated
Retail Price: $19.49
Your Price: $10.00, 3 for $26.95
Gun Cleaning Mat- Glock
Retail Price: $19.99
Your Price: $9.99, 2 for $17.98
World Famous Sports 1 Person Bivy Tent
Retail Price: $54.99
Your Price: $27.57
Wartech "Parma" Assisted Opening Stiletto 5 Pc Set
Retail Price: $83.99
Your Price: $25.14
5 Cane Swords for $49.95
Retail Price: $114.99
Your Price: $49.95
CAT 3 Pc. Hunting Knife Set
Retail Price: $44.99
Your Price: $21.32
"Mini-Torch" Tactical Flashlight
Retail Price: $23.99
Your Price: $11.93, 3 for $31.72
Versatile Modular Utility Belt
Retail Price: $53.99
Your Price: $26.99
Team Realtree 2 Blade Folding Hunter-Guthook/Saw Blades
Retail Price: $35.99
Your Price: $17.06
1 Dozen Forest Hunter & Eagle Eye Camo Lockbacks
Retail Price: $95.49
Your Price: $19.99
Safety Chick Kit w/Pepper Spray
Retail Price: $59.99
Your Price: $30.59, 3 for $81.36
Zombie Hunter Miner's Helmet
Retail Price: $15.99
Your Price: $7.99, 3 for $21.75, 6 for $38.94
Set of 6 Old West Brothel Tokens w/ Drawstring Bag
Retail Price: $17.99
Your Price: $8.99, 3 for $23.97
Mountain Climb 55" Hand Carved Walking Cane - Bear
Retail Price: $19.99
Your Price: $6.49, 3 for $17.25
Brutus Self Defense Keychain - Pink
Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $4.25, 3 for $11.97
Nostalgic Tin Signs / Super Chevy Service
Retail Price: $10.99
Your Price: $6.60
Guard Dog 12 Pc. Pepper Spray With Counter Display Unit
Retail Price: $119.99
Your Price: $35.88
Metal Self Defense Keychain 5 Pc Set
Retail Price: $34.99
Your Price: $12.50
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We'd like to invite you to browse our huge selection of wholesale knives, discount tactical gear and everything else we offer. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we're proud of our catalog, and we hope you enjoy finding what you need here.